jQuery EasyUI 1.4.2 发布

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jQuery EasyUI 1.4.2 发布了,下载地址:

http://www.jeasyui.com/downloa ... gt%3B


treegrid: The column will restore its size to original size after recreating the treegrid. fixed.(TreeGrid:重新创建TreeGrid后列宽将恢复到原始大小,已修复。)


draggable: Add delay property that allows the user to delay the drag operation.(Draggable:加入“delay”属性允许用户延迟拖动。)

tree: Add filter property and doFilter method.(Tree:加入“filter”属性和“doFilter”方法。)

tabs: The add method allows the user to insert a tab panel at a specified index.(Tabs:加入“add”方法允许用户在指定索引前插入Tab面板。)

tabs: The user can determine what tab panel can be selected.(Tabs:用户能限定那些Tab面板可以被选中。)

tabs: Add justified and narrow properties.(Tabs:加入“justified”和“narrow”属性。)

layout: Add unsplit and split methods.(Layout:加入“unsplit”和“split”方法。)

messager: Keyboard navigation features are supported now.(Messager:现在支持键盘导航了。)

form: Add onChange event.(Form:加入“onChange”事件。)

combobox: Add queryParams property.(ComboBox:加入“queryParams”属性。)

slider: Add range property.(Slider:加入“range”属性。)

menu: Add itemHeight , inline , noline properties.(Menu:加入“itemHeight”、“inline”、“noline”属性。)

panel: The header property allows the user to customize the panel header.(Panel:“header”属性允许用户定制面板头部。)

menubutton: Add hasDownArrow property.(MenuButton:加入“hasDownArrow”属性。)

New Plugins(新插件)

datalist: The plugin to render items in a list.(DataList:这个插件可以在列表中渲染列表项。)

navpanel: The root component for the mobile page.(NavPanel:移动页面的根组件。)

mobile: The plugin to provide the mobile page stack management and navigation.(Moblie:这个插件提供移动页面堆栈管理和导航。)